college weekend workshop
w/ j chace gordon

Sure, you're academically ready for college, but what about spiritually, socially, emotionally? Campus life can be hard for even the strongest Christians but CWW has the tools to keep you spiritually sharp.


College Weekend Workshop is a college prep course for Christians. It's divided into six sessions that are packed with information about campus life, pop culture, religious fads, and textbook philosophy.

(01) ready, set, get a life!
Making the transition from high school to college.
(02) walking through the campus of the shadow of death
Navigating the pitfalls of the college campus.
(03) snakes with phds
Answering the philosophies touted by textbooks, professors, and peers.
(04) with friends like these, who needs enemies?
Creating and maintaining relationships that will keep you sharp.
(05) lemmings on parade
The pros and cons of the most popular post-high school options.
(++) education from a biblical worldview
A special session with Dan Smithwick.


Four and a half hours of one person talking would get a little old, so we decided to spice things up a bit. The 2009 conference lineup proudly features:

pastor j chace gordon
If you haven't figured it out by now, J Chace Gordon created College Weekend Workshop. He's also an associate pastor at Cornerstone World Outreach and published author (his book is around here somewhere).
dan smithwick
President of Nehemiah Institute and creator of the PEERS assessment test, Dan Smithwick is one of the nation's leading experts on Biblical worldivew. We are honored to have him join us for a special session on America's education system.
ben shapiro
A recent graduate of UCLA and Harvard Law, Ben Shapiro is a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate. His book Brainwashed: How Universities Indoctrinate America's Youth served as the subject for his stellar presentation at College Weekend Workshop.


So, what makes CWW the best thing since sliced manna? We're glad you asked.

it's online
No dvd player required. You watch what you want when you want via our sweet online app. We like to think of it as college prep on-demand.
it's sarcastic
Postmodernism and religious pluralism may not be the most exciting topics on the planet, but we tried to keep the sessions wry and witty (just like us).
it's cheaper than dirt
A whole lot less than any college credit.
it's important
A 2006 survey by Barna Research found that 2 out of 3 teens quit church after high school. If you're interested in keeping your faith at college, CWW is a step in the right direction.